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    No hard feelings, Knicks. 

    Stay Classy, Jeremy. 

    whostolemyidea-twg asked:
    love your blog a lot!!!! nice new theme. :D check out the jeremy lin's testimony on youtube, part 2 @9.20 when he decided to say his love to his mum, he is so cute!!!!

    Thanks for the ❤❤❤!  I did checked out his testimonial speeches before, and for those who has yet to watch them, be sure to do so, cos it is an enlightening listen and filled with lots of positive values that you can take away from it, even if you are from a different religion or an atheist. It never hurts to adopt positive traits that you can apply in your own lives and do some good in this world. Plus, Lin is a great motivational speaker, with a great sense of humor and comedic timing. ;D

    Here’s Part 1 | Part 2

    @landryfields Sending you positive energy with @Jlin7 and keep ya head & spirits up! Ball hard, play smart and hang tough! Cheering for you guys! #GoKnicks

    Do you have ill feelings to those who pull you down? What would you want to tell them?"
    “Nope everyone gets their own opinion and I respect that. I just want God to be happy with my effort and my heart everytime I step on the court!

    - Jeremy Lin

    Mad respects to Lin. Man, there’s hella Q&A replies to rb. To check them all, check out

    Should read this too» Requiem for a Lin - A really great read.

    "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.”

    "Everyone has low points in their life. What defines us is the way we choose to pick ourselves back up."

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