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    The question is, should Lin rush back? Is it really worth it? The Knicks just delayed the inevitable Sunday in forcing another game, as there’s really no way Miami doesn’t close this thing out. So why hustle Lin back if it’s really not going to make a difference? Especially if it could mean risking further injury that affects next season? That’s the common sense line of thinking, but these are professional athletes that crave these moments. Try telling them to settle down and not hurry back. What makes sense to everyone else doesn’t always hit home with them. They want to play. It’s what they’re paid to do. It’s what they live to do. It’s not smart, but it doesn’t matter. 

    Plus, I don’t think you can necessarily just assume he’ll kickstart Linsanity again against the Heat. Lin played Miami once this season, right at the peak of Linsanity, having one of his worst games going 1-of-8 from the floor for eight points, with only three assists to eight turnovers.

    “We’ve seen him before,” said Bosh. “We’re going to challenge him. It’s tough to come back in the playoffs.”

    The Knicks need him badly at this moment because of, you know, Mike Bibby, so anything he could give would be big. Even if he’s not entirely 100 percent. 

    [Article] To play or not to play….the Jeremy Lin’s Game 5 Dilemma 

    Personally I’m also torn in between wanting to see him play at least one playoff game this season and for him to focus in getting his knee fully healed and not rushing back. On the bright note, perhaps this dilemma would also cause the Heat to be confused and distracted for their next game cos they wouldn’t know whether to prepare for Lin or not. One could hope lol.

    [Article] Wade Misses as Fields contested his game winning shot

    When Wade tried driving, Fields stepped up. Wade momentarily lost his dribble in the face of two defenders. That was big.

    When Wade did turn and launch — “for a 3 that he has made before but just didn’t go in,” James said — Fields was right there challenging.

    “I just wanted to contest it as best I could without fouling,” Fields said.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/knicks/can_dwyane_it_HfVipsoyXL3XgbJiDIrKNJ#ixzz1uAhgYIG7

    Youtube Round Up.

    • [Youtube] Check out the final few seconds where Landry helped with the D to contest DWade’s shot which lead to Knicks win!
    • [Youtube] The tragic (queasy) moment when Baron dislocated his knee The Heat players’ expressions says it all. Glad to see them giving comforting words to Baron when he was on the stretcher though. These guys are still human.
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      Please don’t! Not until he is fully recovered.
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